How To Protect Yourself From a Violation of Your Probation

If you\’ve currently found yourself facing a conviction as a result of a violation of your probation, we highly advise seeking the legal counsel of a probation violation attorney. Regardless of why you are serving a probation term, we do not believe you deserve this form of punishment due to a minor infraction as a result of an oversight or by accident. Your lawyer\’s number one priority and concern is to convince the judge not to force a severe repercussion for a simple fault in judgement.

\"probation-violation-attorney-orange-county\"Possible Consequences for Violating Probation

  1. Performing community service hours
  2. Lengthening of probation period
  3. More strict probationary terms
  4. Seeking substance testing or treatment
  5. Attending classes or programs appropriate based on the offense
  6. Serving a prison sentence (short or long-term)

A probation violation lawyer can work tirelessly to protect your rights and focus to prevent the above consequences from being expected of you.

The same judge who assigned the probation initially may be the one determining appropriate punishment for the violation. The judge may feel as though they did you a favor when worse consequences could have been chosen, which can result in resentful or hostile feelings. Because of this, a judge may decide a harsher punishment than is common or necessary. It is vital to have an experienced probation violation attorney in Orange County to defend you. An experienced lawyer in probation violations can make the difference between a minor issue or serving jail time.

Please contact The Law Offices of Randall C. Bertz so we can go over the aspects of your case. Do not attempt to do this alone. We are here to protect your rights! The longer you wait, the less time your attorney will have to create a solid case in your defense. You deserve to have someone believe in you and build your confidence in a time of setbacks.

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