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Eyewitness Misidentifications & Wrongful Convictions  

An eyewitness account is one of the most reliable methods of settling cases. However, there have been instances where innocent people are wrongfully convicted based on testimony presented against them by eyewitnesses.  It is therefore vital to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help scrutinize witness accounts and any other evidence brought against you. 

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What is Drugged Driving?

All forms of intoxicated driving are against the law in California, whether a motorist is impaired from alcohol, marijuana, an illegal substance, over-the-counter, or legal prescription drug. Unlike the breathalyzer devices used to measure alcohol intoxication, there is no other suitable and convenient device that allows law enforcement officers test motorists who are highly suspected

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DUI Checkpoints

California police may not immediately pull over a motorist in traffic unless that police officer has \”probable cause\” to make the stop. Without good reason and probable cause, no traffic stop or arrest can legally be made – in most cases. However, sobriety checkpoints, or \”DUI\” checkpoints, are an exception to that rule. DUI checkpoints

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